Avengers: Endgame’ Theory: Have Bruce Banner and the Hulk Split Because of Thanos?

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With Avengers Endgame still months away practically every Wonder extend there is attempting to arrange out not just what will certainly take place in the upcoming Wonder Cinematic Universe film, but even the finest information concerning their favored personalities and also their destinies. That suggests lots and also great deals of concepts.


As well as when it comes to those concepts, we right here in the ComicBook.com newsroom aren ‘t unsusceptible to our very own concepts as well as conjecture (we ‘re followers, too!) which ‘s led us down some interesting courses lately– such as the idea that Physician Strange can be wrong. This time around, though, our thinking has participated in territory that is truly grim and also facility. It ‘s insane even– a lot to make sure that it may just be feasible.

What happens if, thanks to the breeze, Bruce Banner and the Hulk have been divided with the Hunk especially having been counted on ash along half the life in the universe?


avengers endgame



On its face that feels like the most ludicrous idea ever. Like, exactly how would that also work? Nevertheless, despite being on the insane side if you actually think of it it ‘s not totally impossible. Allow ‘s break it down.

For beginners, among things that the MCU has actually done an actually excellent task of establishing for many years and the movies is that while Hunk and Banner share an existence, they are in lots of means 2 different beings. This is maybe at its most apparent in Avengers: Infinity Battle where Banner is seen directly connecting with his big eco-friendly alter ego in an effort to get the Hunk to come out and aid battle Thanos ‘ forces fruitless. This isn ‘t just a circumstance where Banner tries to shift and can ‘t, either. We in fact hear the Hulk flat-out refuse ahead out.


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It ‘s the Hulk ‘s rejection to find out and shatter that is one more possible clue that he as well as Banner are truly individuals. Much has been made regarding just how the Hulk seems downright terrified of Thanos in Infinity War. The majority of everybody has assumed that ‘s because points went severely when he tried to stop Thanos onboard the Asgardian ship and also obtained comfortably battered in the process. However what if that is just part of it? What happens if the Hulk realizes that he as well as Banner are simply separate enough that Thanos ‘ breeze could mean the end for one of them? It could be a little bit of a stretch, but genuinely the Hunk has invested adequate pause Earth and also surrounded by those who may have had some experience with a non-Infinity Rock powered Thanos that he can have a serious understanding of just how huge a danger Thanos actually is. Taking into consideration exactly how childish Hunk is, hiding from the poor guy might be his ideal attempt at staying safe.

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If all of that is the situation– Hulk and Banner are unique people who happen to share one space and also Hunk was worried of Thanos since he knew what was possible– then we have to take into consideration that breaking either Hunk or Banner out of presence would certainly fit in well with the Mad Titan ‘s principle of bringing “balance ” to deep space. Nevertheless, if you have 2 things in one area and you ‘re attempting to lighten the tons, as it were, you simply get rid of one. Consider it planetary decluttering at it’s most terrible extreme.

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Currently, if Banner and Hulk have been divided thanks to the snap, it could produce an interesting story. The staying Avengers would go to an also further handicap than prior to which would definitely complicate things. It likewise might be why we see Banner examining those listed just as missing out on in the Endgame trailer– personalities such as Scott Lang, Shuri, and Peter Parker whose fates weren ‘ t necessarily seen by the heroes. Perhaps he ‘s trying to determine what ‘s become of them as a means to obtain solutions regarding where the Hunk is, as well.

As well as hi, if the concept that those cleaned remain in the Spirit Rock ends up being right that suggests those there also have a Hunk. That can come in convenient (along with potentially offer followers a fantastic motion picture moment of Banner meeting the Hunk if the heroes are able to save their dropped.).

What do you think about Avengers Endgame Theory? Do you think it ‘s possible that Banner and the Hulk have been split apart totally thanks to Thanos? Allow us recognize your ideas on this wild flight of a theory in the comments listed below.