Red Tea Detox Review 2019 – A Self-Test With Consequences!

the red tea detox review

For our Red Tea Detox review, we tested it on ourselves and two of our friends. This way we can easily see what it’s like to use it and what results we get.

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Our friendly lab rats ( 😉 ) are Mariah (35) and Jill (53), both of which are overweight and were happy to try something new. At the beginning of our test, they were 34 pounds and 76 pounds overweight respectively.

You want to know all the details first? Then read on!

What is the Red Tea Detox Program?

The program was developed by Liz Swann Miller and also is a new method to detoxing your body, aiding it to burn unwanted pounds by switching from carbohydrate fat loss to high-octane burning. It is based upon over a decade of medical study focusing on the cleansing of contaminants and the benefits of African red tea.

However, there is much more to it than that. The program is very thorough and divided into three parts that help each other: diet, exercise, and mindset.

The above is why we’ve taken this product seriously from the start, because we are health nuts and know there are no push button solutions. What you need is exactly this combination: diet, exercise, and mindset. This is what gets everybody to their goals!

Note that we are picky about our recommendations. We don’t bother writing reviews for silly programs and simply put them on our black list if they are a scam, (like most supplements our there). The fact that we put so much work into this says a lot!

The Red Tea Detox Review Overview

As mentioned before, the Red Tea Detox system is a combination of 3 important parts. In addition to the main guide, you also receive a booklet for each of these parts, giving you a clear outline on what to do in terms of the diet, the exercise, and the motivational aspect.

The mindset is where a lot of people fail on their journey to a healthier life, so we find the third part to be very important and are glad to see it is address so well.

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Part 1: The Diet

In this booklet, you learn how toxins can hold back your metabolism and the benefits of cleansing your body with African red tea. It explains why detoxifying your body before your weight loss efforts is important and worthwhile. Also, you get a clear outline on which energy-rich foods are helpful to your body during its journey to a lean belly.

Part 2: Workout

If you choose to do the workout, it will increase your metabolism and can potentially double the rate at which you lose pounds. Good exercise never goes amiss and losing weight is a matter of intensity, not the time spend doing it. This booklet contains simple exercises that anyone should be able to do.

Part 3: Mindset

Motivation and willpower are just as important as the path that you want to follow. I’ve found that many people have problems stay excited until they reach their goals. This is why a great guide on fitness, dieting or detox should always include a section on the right mindset. It speaks positively of this guide that you get one!

What Bonuses are There?

We love it when a lot of extras or bonuses are include with a program, and this one has no less than four of them.

First Bonus: 100 Green Smoothie Recipes

Second Bonus : The Ultimate Super Food Guide

Third Bonus : The 5 Detox Methods of Fabulous Celebrities

Fourth Bonus : Effortless Weight Loss Hypnosis (Audio)

When you buy the Red Tea Detox program, you get the main guide, the 3 booklets, and qualify for all of the bonuses if you click through here.

Liz relies on what she is doing so much that you obtain a 60 day cash back guarantee , which is something we constantly like to see.

Positive Points

We have come to enjoy African red tea a lot and this guide did a great job of teaching us what we needed to know. So what did we like about it?

1) Credible

Today, even ordinary foods usually contain toxins in one way or another. There is a large amount of research that confirms our common sense: Detaching yourself from these toxins and cleansing your body as much as possible has positive effects. Liz explains it so anyone can understand the problems and solutions.

2) It works

The combination of exercise and healthy foods & drinks obviously can not fail. Better yet, it solves one of the main food related problems today: the excessive consumption of soda (especially in the USA). For many people, it is the only thing they drink (instead of water). If you are like this, switching from sugary sodas to red tea alone makes a huge difference to your body. But then you also detoxify it, so the effects are even greater.

3) It targets the root of all weight issues

The human body is meant to be physically active and live on natural foods, but we generally don’t do either of these! People drink soda, coffee, or beer, sit behind a desk or lie on our couch. Not only is this ancient African tea recipe amazing, it also happens to be a healthy beverage to begin with. No sugar or caffeine! Combined with the fitness booklet, both of the fundamental issues are addressed and lead you to positive results.

4) 60 day Money back guarantee

We love this.

5) Bonuses

If you click here to go to the official website, you get all bonuses with the Red Tea Detox.

Neutral Points to Consider

1) Needs Discipline

Red tea is great, as are the guidelines, foods, and workout routines in this program. But any such effort needs to be maintained. Can you keep it up for a few months and even change your behavior to stay being healthy indefinitely? Or are you the kind of person who tries this for a week and then gives up? The truth is that a lot of programs work well, while it’s the people that often don’t. Any real system needs discipline to keep doing it.

2) Does not replace healthcare

If you are really big, chances are you have more ailments than just your weight and looks that need to be addressed. Make sure you don’t see any program as a solution for all of that.

Our Red Tea Detox Results!

Back to our friends Mariah and Jill. During the past two months, they did everything the Red Tea Detox guide told them. Jill is especially interesting, because she was 76 pounds overweight at the beginning and a real soda nut. She used to drink soda the way I drink water.

As a health and yoga coach, I’m already fit and lean, but as always I accompanied my friends on this journey and did the same things they did.

Our goal was to get both of them to change their habits, start doing exercise, and lose weight. Have we succeeded?

Note: If you choose to do the fitness routines outlined in one of the booklets, you are likely to gain weight at first, because your body is building muscle mass. This is “good weight”, so don’t worry and don’t be discouraged. Muscles are denser and thus heavier than the fat you are losing.

The Red Tea Detox Review

After the first month, Jill completely omitted soda from her life and banned it in her household – even her husband is now soda-less to my great amusement 🙂 She lost about 18 lbs the first month. Mariah was only 34 lbs overweight when she started and lost 12 pounds in that first month. This is a healthy time span to lose that kind of weight. Too much is not healthy and not sustainable, so we were pleased with that.

After the second month, Jill had lost a total of 31 lbs, while building her muscles by doing the exercise. She thus lost more weight in terms of fat than those 31 lbs, given she added some muscle mass. At this point, she has lost about half of what she needs to. It does not surprise me, given she no longer drinks any soda! For Mariah, the change was less dramatic, because she started with less weight to begin with. She has lost 19 lbs by now, slightly more than half of what she needs to. Interesting!

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Both of them first missed the good, strong taste of soda, because they were so used to it. By now, however, they are used to it and also like to drink water. In fact, they have come to love red tea!

In a few months, I shall update this review once we have more results as time passes. The rate of fat loss should become slower and slower the less overweight my friends are, but it has already paid off a lot and they are happy 🙂

Rating(5 / 5) about red tea detox review

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What we like best about the Red Tea Detox is the wholesome nature of it. That’s why I decide to write red tea detox review. So people like you get benefit. This is not a “method” or “trick” like so many others out there. It combines an ancient recipe, healthy food, detoxification, and good fitness into one package that couldn’t possibly fail as long as you really do it.

This concludes our review for now!

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