Thugs of Hindostan Movie Trailer Release

thugs of hindostan movie

Yash Raj Films production’s Thugs of hindostan movie trailer is out. Movie will releases on 8th November 2018. Actor Aamir Khan shared the first trailer from his multi-starer upcoming Thugs of Hindostan movie on Thursday. This movie has a full of action and brimming with CGI, the film also stars Amitabh Bachchan, Fatima Sana Shaikh and Katrina Kaif. It is also touted to be the biggest release of the year and so the viewers had a lot of opinions upon seeing the trailer.

While some seemed pleased with the stars’ efficiencies and the grand scale of the movie, others located a couple of points to dislike. Some Twitter user pointed out how the women in the Thugs of Hindostan movie do not utter a single word in the trailer while the men. Indian pirate or the East India Company men—do all the talking. “Didn’t realise none of the women knew how to speak back then,” Sucharita Tyagi of Film Companion wrote in a tweet. Mallika Dua also in support of her opinion. “And Yet another Big Bollywood movie trailer in testosterone overdrive with nothing but tiny traces of the female leads sprinkled about. Pirates of the patriarchy,” she wrote in a tweet.

Thugs of Hindostan Movie Trailer

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“Ek shot mein 5 bandey maar diye Fatima Sana Sheikh ney, aur chup chaap laut gayi (Fatima killed five men in a shot and returned without saying a word),”.  Sucharita wrote in another tweet. “And they have been just dancing seductively since 1795,” came a reply on her tweet.

Some others found quite a few similarities with Pirates of the Caribbean Movie. “Looks like Mad hatter was deserted in an island and became a pirate,” wrote a Twitter user. Others has issues with how blunt the swords were: “What’s with the blunt-ass swords! Bloody hell, they’re fighting with Shawarma knives and not swords!”

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Thugs of Hindostan Philip Meadows Taylor’s novel Confessions of a Thug and in the late 18th century, many years before the Revolt of 1857. Among the many who opposed the British were thugs (a word that has gained currency in English from the Hindi word ‘thug’ meaning a con). Thugs of Hindostan movie releases November 8 to coincide with the Diwali weekend. It will also be dubbed in other Tamil and Telugu.